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What is your Kink(s), Where is your KINK(s), Why become aware of your Kink(s)? How to Unkink your Kink(s). Become enlightened...

Caution: My sessions are a bit esoteric. You must have an open mind to book a session with me. I also work with those who may already have some knowledge about Chakras, Energy Healing, Empath, Awakened, Ascension, 3rd eye opening, esoteric, spiritual Awareness, shadow work, ego, higher self, channeling, mediumship, Atlantis, Lemurians (etc), starseed, lightworker, wayshower, astrology, angels, galactic team, spirit guides, ascended masters, what's really going on with the pandemic & much much more. Schedule your session here.

Kink Awareness Therapy is critical to your body, mind, soul & spirituality.

Picture a water hose that has a kink or kinks in it. When you turn the water on with the house you may get a dribble of water or spouting of water like an out of control spray or maybe nothing comes out of the water hose. In order to get proper flow you need to find the kink(s) and release the kink(s). Once you take this action & you adjust your water pressure as well to the flow you want or need then all is balanced. Think of this in the same way as to your Etheric body.

Nadis, Chakras & Aura

The Etheric field has 3 major components: nadis, chakras and an aura. Many yogis have heard of the three major nadis within the physical body: the ida, the pingala and the sushumna. On top of that, there are 72,000 minor nadis in your body that are busy delivering small energy streams to the chakras and aura of your physical body.

There are also thousands of chakras in the physical body. You have a chakra for every joint, every organ, every gland. The chakras in your physical body are far more complex than the chakras of the emotional body.

Primary Role of the Etheric Body

The Etheric energy system delivers energy to your physical body so that it can do everything that it does to enable you to generate your life experiences.

The Etheric energy system is connected to the emotional energy system and the mental energy system. The energy bodies are integrated and they speak to one another all the time. 

  • I: Physical Body (Etheric)

To understand energy and how it relates to our experience, it can be useful to start with the energy of the physical body because we have a clear awareness of our bodies, and they are often what we think of as “us.”

The Etheric body is the densest of the energy systems. This is because it is the system for the physical body, which is dense itself.

The Astral body is the energy system for our emotional experience. ​

  1. Etheric body, tied to the physical body 

  2. Astral body, the energy system for our emotional experience

Energy Density

The Etheric body is the most dense of the energy bodies, because it is the one tied to your physical body. To illustrate the difference between the density of your Etheric (physical) energy body versus Astral (emotional) energy body, think about if someone asked you to hold your elbow in your hand. You could do that. You’d have a dense, physical object in your hand. Then, think about if someone asked you to hold your joy (or your anger) in your hand. How would you do that? Your emotions are less tangible and less dense than your physical body, so they are harder to hold in your hand.

Advanced energy practitioners actually do have a tangible experience of emotional energy in their hands.

The Seven Chakras of the Astral Body

Just like the Etheric body has chakras and an aura, so does the Astral body. Luckily, the chakra system of the Astral body is not nearly as complex as that of the Etheric body. The Astral body has seven primary chakras. If you’ve studied or worked with chakras before, you’re probably aware of those chakras.

In sanskrit, the word chakra means ‘whirling ball.’ Your chakras are whirling balls of energy that deliver energy to your body to generate experiences. In the Astral (emotional) body, those chakras are delivering emotional energy. They are delivering the energy that you use for your emotions, so that you can create context and meaning out of your experiences.

Our emotions help us understand and make sense out of life experiences. And the chakras are bringing that energy into our bodies so that we have access to our emotions. Different emotions vibrate at different frequencies, and the chakras run the gamut of all of the emotions. They can vibrate a wide range of emotions, thus you are capable of having a wide range of responses to your experiences.

The chakras are located in front of the spine. They run from the root chakra (at the base of the spine in men and between the ovaries in women) to the crown chakra (at the top of the head). Each of the chakras vibrates at a different frequency from low to high. The root chakra is a lower vibration than the crown chakra. Each chakra has a specific function in the body. 

The Aura of your Astral Body

Surrounding your body is your aura. If you’ve ever had a Kirlian photograph taken, you have seen a picture of your head with different colors surrounding your head. Those colors are predominant energies in your aura at that moment in time. The aura extends out far beyond your body, to the fingertips of your outstretched arms in all directions, including about 2 feet above your head and 2 feed below your feet.

That’s your personal energy field!

You are sourcing energy from your aura all the time to bring energy into your chakras to help you create the context and meaning for your experience. And when you have used up that energy from your chakras (when you’ve metabolized it) you send it back out of the chakras into the aura, and that energy in the aura will be replenished with the energy of the cosmic field, migrating back into the chakras. So you can’t have the chakras without an aura, and you can’t have an aura without chakras – they’re an integrated system.

As you think about this emotional body of yours, understand that it is always talking to your physical body.

The Connection: When Emotions Affect Your Physical Body

Here’s an important point: When we don’t allow ourselves to feel certain emotions, we repress them. For example, when you feel butterflies in your stomach, you’re running an excessive current of anxiety through your Astral (emotional) body, and because it’s uncomfortable, you repress it. You push the energy down into the Etheric body, where it does not belong. Your body registers the physical sensation, (butterflies), and your emotional awareness may still be processing its experience of anxiety concurrently. Yet it’s more manageable to disperse the anxiety between the two energy systems rather than holding it and processing it as pure emotion. It’s an acceptable short-term strategy, but it’s not an effective long-term plan for emotions that you perceive as unacceptable or threatening to you. Repressed emotion is called somatizing. And over time somatizing can cause problems (stress leads to knots, anxiety leads to ulcers, and so on toward more serious illness and disease).

  1. Mental body, divided into mental and causal subplanes or fields

The Causal Body is the energy system for our Mental experience.​

The Mental Body is a split plane. The two components are the (1) Mental subplane and the (2) Causal subplane. Each are quite different and very unusually paired in your Mental Body.


  • Cells & Structures / Systems & Processes for Human Body

  • Concrete Intellect

  • Higher Mind


  • Karmic Load

  • Belief Systems

  • Soul Light

Concrete Intellect

When we think about the mind-body connection, a lot of people think in terms of their concrete intellect (their thinker). The part that’s able to make a grocery list and generate big ideas. But there’s so much more going on in your mental body.

Cells & Structures / Systems & Processes for the Human Body

Your mental body connects deeply with your physical body. There are subplanes in the Mental body that I find fascinating because they’re tied to the cells, structures and functions of your physical body. If we didn’t have this information held in the mental plane, then my heart might breathe and your heart might pump blood. What we need in order to have proper body function is a coherent agreement across the idea of the human body that says “the heart pumps blood and the lungs breathe”. Those kinds of functions are actually agreed upon and held in place in the Mental plane and our mental bodies so that our physical bodies perform the ways they’re supposed to. Fascinating, right?

Same with our cells. All of our cells have specific functions that are agreed to so that a skin cell does something very different than a cell lining your intestine. Even though both are processing energy (and air and blood, etc.), each cell knows its distinct role by virtue of the information held in the Mental plane.

Higher Mind – When you operate at the genius level

There’s also a part of the mental body that we would call the Higher Mind or the part of your intellect that operates at a genius level. People like Tesla and Einstein spent a lot of time in the Higher Mind – that place where scientific discovery is actualized. For a lot of us, we spend most of our time in the concrete intellect and then some time in that genius space. Think about the times when you have a brilliant idea, and you know it’s powerful and right. That’s when you’re up in your Higher Mind.

In summary, the Mental Body is mind with form. The concrete intellect allows you to generate ideas, whether it’s a shopping list or the idea of building a Tesla. The concrete intellect and the Higher Mind are forming ideas that then become real. And, of course, the cells and structures of the body are also have form, mass, density.

Now that we’ve covered the components of the Mental subplane, we can turn our awareness to the Causal subplanes.

The Causal Body

The Causal Mind is formless mind. The formless mind of the Causal subplanes carries three fascinating esoteric aspects that we can learn to access and evolve. One: it carries our karmic load.

Karmic Load

If you’ve studied energy, you may know about karma and you may have a sense of what karma is, and so for those of you who don’t have a sense, a tiny primer: my essence-self has chosen this particular incarnation, and I’m working out a bunch of stuff while I’m here, and what I’m working out is – in part – my karma from other lifetimes.

I’ve done good things in other lifetimes (I hope), and therefore, have positive karma from which I’m benefitting. I also have negative karma that are causative factors or hidden inspiration for experiences that I create and explore to work through and resolve. The whole system of debits and credits (our karmic load) is available to us (we can access it) and is stored in the Causal subplanes. Across incarnations, as I resolve negative karma, and as I spend positive karma, my “balance sheet” gets updated in the Causal subplanes. I know that everything I’m doing in this lifetime is creating some set of karma for whatever I do next. [I won’t get into the part where all time is simultaneous and we’re having all of our incarnations right now. 

The thing to note at this point is that Karmic information is accessed and updated in the Causal subplanes. As you learn to practice deep, specific energy work, they can consciously access their Karma in the Causal, and then clear energy in the Astral Field (the Emotional body) to evolve their energy and their karma. They’re not canceling out their karma, they’re evolving their energy and subsequently, their experience.

Belief Systems

Your belief systems are also created in the Causal subplane. As you read through this information, you know that belief systems are actualizing through your sixth chakra, in the center of your head. However they’re not created in the sixth chakra. They’re created in the Causal subplanes, and they essentially get downloaded to the 6th chakra, so you can use your beliefs to attract and frame your experience.

I’m going to give you an example of a belief system:

When I was a young girl, my mom and I walked past a woman wearing white pumps. It was after Labor Day, and my mother looked at me and said, “Debbie, do you see that? That woman is wearing white pumps. Doesn’t she know that it’s after Labor Day, and you don’t wear white pumps after Labor Day?” As an impressionable 7-year old, I immediately accepted the belief that wearing white pumps after Labor Day was wrong and probably even bad (because there was a lot of tone and judgement in my mother’s voice). For years, as I’d walk through town and see women wearing white shoes after Labor Day, I’d know that they were wrong.

Flash forward 10-12 years, and I realize I don’t care! I don’t care what shoes people wear after Labor Day. And so in that moment, I was able to shift my belief system, and I no longer needed people wearing white shoes to be wrong. It was an instant thing because it really held no weight in my sense of self.

But what about other beliefs? Those beliefs like I’m not thin enough, I’m not smart enough, I’m not funny enough, I’m not pretty enough, I’m not fill-in-the-blank enough? Those beliefs get formed in the causal subplanes as a result of our experiences (somehow, somewhere we’re told we’re fat or we’re not smart or whatever it might be), and we take them in, and we make them True. And then, using our Astral and Etheric & Mental/Causal energy systems, through our chakras, we go out and create experiences where we can be Right. We find ourselves to be not pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough, funny enough, rich enough, whatever it is…

We can learn to work in the Causal subplanes to shift our belief systems. It’s truly powerful to be able to shift long-held, limiting beliefs, knowing that as they shift, the Astral 6th chakra will ‘get the memo’, and begin resonating and actualizing an evolved experience. It’s a beautiful thing.

Soul Light

The last thing that is up there in the Causal subplane is the ability to perceive the Soul Light. This is a really interesting construct, and I’ll share the teachings at just an overview-level because it’s fairly complex. But here’s the idea:

The Soul is accessible to you. Through the Causal subplanes, you can learn to access the Light of the Soul as it shines down into the Causal.

Your soul learns from you. When you’ve completed an experience, and grokked (deeply understood and acknowledged) the learnings, teachings, insights and benefits of that experience, the grokked information is accessible to the soul in the Causal subplanes, and it can and does learn from your completed awareness. You’re always in connection with your soul through the Causal subplanes. You can actually learn from your soul through the Causal connection.

I like to note that the soul doesn’t enter the physical body, nor does the soul doesn’t enter the emotional body.

You are a sovereign being and you access your soul through the Causal subplanes. In authentic connections to the soul, it’s easy to think the connection  happened in the physical body, often reported as occurring in the heart, but in reality, it’s happening in the Causal subplanes.

Four Other Planes

There are actually four other planes that are another fascinating aspect of expanded consciousness and our ‘body’. They operate in such different ways, and are quite esoteric. I’ll cover them at another time.

I do hope that this series has been useful for you, and you feel more informed about Who You Are and the beauty, elegance, complexity and integration of your energy bodies.

Now that you have some background information. When these energy bodies are kinked up they are not balanced or otherwise disconnected. 

​Do you now or sometimes feel DISCONNECTED or off balance? You have a kink or kinks. 

Integrating a Tantra session with Chakra Energy Balancing Healing or Chakra Energy Balancing Healing will release those kinks & bring your body, mind, spirit  back into Harmony with also your source energy (spirituality). I also help you to understand your energy, aura by actually feeling it. This session also assists you in opening your third eye and connecting with your higher self, going into your akashic records (past, present, future). In my sessions I may also use essential oil, stones, pendulums, Channeling, saging, meditation, breathwork. With Tantra, sexual energy is also used to help with negative energy, ego, shadow work, illness, bringing in self Awareness, emotional trauma & whatever else may be going on physically, emotionally, spirituality.